Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why I (Sometimes) Love Studying the Bible

  1. I've always been someone who wishes God would speak to me audibly, especially at crucial moments of decision. The Bible contains God's words and exactly what I need to know about life here on earth (and thereafter!). It's the next-best thing to actually hearing His voice out loud.

  2. Every time I read or study a book of the Bible or read a passage, even if it's one I'm very familiar with, I notice something new that's applicable to my life.

  3. It's full of people who are just as messed up as I am.

  4. It reminds me who I am in Christ and the importance of reflecting on that instead of what the world or the culture currently values.

  5. Reading the prayers of Jesus, David, Paul, and more teaches me how to pray.

  6. I love when one passage leads to another, which informs the first, and when I see the connection between one part of the Bible and others and marvel at God's plan in putting together this book.

  7. In the Old Testament, I enjoy discovering passages from books like Isaiah, Psalms, and more that point so explicitly to the identity and mission of Jesus.

  8. Reading the Bible is a way of preaching to myself and reminding myself of the endless nuggets of wisdom that are so easily forgotten.

  9. It helps make more of Christ and less of me, while at the same time becoming more of who God created me to be.

Now to address the "sometimes" part. I have great difficulty studying the Bible completely on my own. I much prefer to do it in the context of some type of group accountability. I like having "homework" and having to complete it by a certain day; otherwise, it's too easy not to do it or do only do it when I "feel" like it. With homework, I do it consistently because I committed to it. Somehow I don't slip into legalism, though some may struggle with that. Without a group, it's important to at least have a plan. Pick a certain book of the Bible to study, maybe even get a study guide or other resources, and plan ahead for the coming month(s). You'll be more likely to follow through. I guess the point of this is we each need to know ourselves and what works best for each of us and in different seasons of life. I often don't think I've fully processed something I'm learning until I've discussed it with someone else. That may not be true for you.

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